Year in Liberty: 2017

It’s a year to remember, of hard work and wonderful rewards. Here’s five stories from Liberty Minecraft in 2017.

The Landing Market take over: The town of Alien’s Landing appeared in late July. In August, Alienslayer8 invented the SuperShop, automatically repricing commodities by supply and demand. With this creation Alienslayer8 single handedly took over the economy of Liberty Minecraft. For most of Liberty Minecraft’s history, The Bazaar hosted a majority of trade in Liberty Minecraft. With Landing Market and SuperShops, The Bazaar became a minor player overnight. Most player owned shops at The Bazaar have closed and the entire platform is undergoing a slow and difficult transformation. Even older trade centers like The Farm and surrounding shops have been impacted. Landing Market offered a better deal to buyers and sellers and that’s how it won. It’s that simple! Landing Market executed most trades until November when Nullmart opened. Since then a considerable market share has shifted. Free-market competition among trade centers is becoming a defining feature of Liberty Minecraft.

Land Disputes: Conflict over land in populated areas is a very important topic for Liberty Minecraft. These days, it seems a place cannot be defined as a town unless they’ve had their own spat of Land Disputes. In June and July 2017 one player in particular repeatedly expected others to respect his interests on land that he did not own. One can imagine how well this turns out, but here’s the details. First, LeifTheExplorer killed a villager in an unowned trading operation that was built by RadioactiveLee. Lee responded by properly claiming the land that he felt was his. NullCase (myself) responded by purchasing all of the land around LeifTheExplorer’s outpost, and later claimed the rest of the outpost once it was abandoned.

In June when RadioactiveLee decided to contribute to Spawn, he neglected to claim the area right outside his front gate. Once again, RadioactiveLee acted as though it were his property while it was not his property. dust_eater claimed the area and wasn’t keen on giving it up. RadioactiveLee attempted to “buy the land back” and when that failed he responded by claiming unclaimed areas all around spawn before rage quitting Liberty Minecraft, seemingly for good.

That same month, RodericDragonbow decided to build a stable around an existing claim owned by IPencil9000. He then tried to buy the enclosed land but IPencil wouldn’t sell to him. NullCase purchased the land and resold it to RodericDragonbow at a 226% profit.

In July, RodericDragonbow surrounded the Bazaar with land claims and refused to negotiate a deal. He demonstrated a flaw in the design of The Bazaar but he overplayed his hand. In November the value of his actions dropped approximately to zero when NullCase moved out of The Bazaar and constructed Nullmart. This series of events has been captured in “A Bazaar Situation.”

In September RodericDragonbow claimed a Llama farm. I believe the land claim was intended to be disruptive, but RodericDragonbow was in the right to claim the unclaimed land. His actions were nonviolent and so no matter his intention the effect was the same: Haksndot realized that he must claim land he intends to own. From this he earned a small profit too! NullCase purchased the land in an attempt to earn a profit by reselling it to an interested party, but failed on this occasion to recoup his cost. Haksndot has since created the world’s largest land claim, spaning more than 470,000 square meters, and known as Hrafnia.

Terrain and Agricultural Restoration Program, TARP: Japanimator and Haksndot, and now PizzaJon have teamed up to privately rebuild damaged areas of Liberty Minecraft. In November 2017, Haksndot acquired a coastal village that had been completely destroyed. Japanimator used her creative touch to build a beautiful new town with markets and an inn. In December, Haksndot and Japanimator started work on another Village, this time near Alien’s Landing. These privately owned publicly accessible works are a tremendous gift. However, the TARP project has not yet found a way to earn money. The value they provide remains unmeasured. I love watching this project develop because TARP must answer unanswered questions. There’s no question about how lovely the work looks, but can they earn a profit? Can they make other people rich? Time will tell.

Free Market Portals: Decentralized portal creation is an easily overlooked but dreadfully important change to Liberty Minecraft. Before CreativeGates, only three portals existed in Liberty Minecraft: one to the Bazaar, a second to present-day Alien’s Landing, and a third to an area where players cannot privately own the land. This centralized system of portals was made worse by centralized warps to mob farms and other locations. CreativeGates provided an alternative. All warps and arbitrary portals were immediately removed. Dozens of portals now exist all over Liberty Minecraft and millions of dollars have been invested in their creation. Markets are more accessible than ever before. All players of Liberty Minecraft can create their own portals without permission.

Buying Power Increases: The purchasing power of Diamond Money increased roughly 1000% in 6 months. Wheat prices are down 96% due to automation. Carrots and Potatoes have fallen in price by roughly the same amount and for the same reason. Iron, gold, and emerald prices have fallen between 50% and 95%. Steak prices have fallen by more than half. Meanwhile, the rate of pay is basically unchanged for tasks where automation is not yet available or not possible. However, even for tasks where automation has occurred the value of the money earned by manual production still buys more stuff.

In less than one year the standard of living for players of Liberty Minecraft has doubled, and then it doubled again, and then doubled again, and then it went up by another 20% for good measure. Our free market lets everyone compete to provide value, and that’s how I can win while you win.

What’s your favorite story from 2017? Share in a comment!

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