What’s The Price?

Liberty Minecraft is 100% free for anyone who owns Minecraft PC

Liberty MineCraft encourages users to learn about free market economics by getting out of their way. Players can create their own shops, set their own prices, and trade whatever they want at any mutually agreeable rate.

All products enter the world only after a player has produced or discovered them. All products can be destroyed, lost, consumed, or repurposed – either by design or by mistake. Through a process of creative invention, users can (and very quickly do!) create labor saving devices which reduce costs.

As a consequence of an unencumbered freedom to express one’s preferences, combined with a moral standard of respect for the property and preferences of others, prices are exclusively set by the free market. Since 2015 prices have steadily declined!

There are no barriers to entry, and our player base is not large. This makes it easier to see how the actions of people influence prices – how economics and freedom create a better world. Liberty MineCraft is truly a sandbox for discovering freedom.

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