The value of a shovel?

What is the value of a shovel? Endeavouring to answer this question, one might consider its durability and efficiency relative to competing options. Among other things, one might also consider for what task that shovel will be used. One might even consider the chance that they are wrong.

In aggregate, one might arrive at an amount of something they figure people are willing to accept as payment for a shovel, but this I realize is an estimation of a price, where the something in exchange that people are often want to accept is money.

What is the value of a shovel? I suppose it depends on who you ask; that value is subjective. The question becomes: what is it’s value to you? This question I cannot answer – it’s up to you.

What happens if we change the question? Suppose we ask: what price are you willing to pay for a shovel? Price is the amount of one thing a player accepts in exchange for something else. In this way, price is objective.

If one approaches the question well, I think price can be an indicator for value in a relative sense: If I am free and willing to provide a shovel for a dollar then – by my actions – one might infer I value that dollar over that shovel. However, if I am not free and must trade then – by my actions – I have not and cannot indicate a preference for one over the other. When I am not free, what I value is not revealed.

With Liberty MineCraft, players have the freedom to express their preferences. Players may learn what others value by asking them; by providing them an option to trade. With that knowledge players are also free to innovate and provide new options which may add value. On Liberty Minecraft, making money as a consequence of trade is one measure of the surplus value you have provided to others; your reward, given freely for the goods and services you provide. By creating a sandbox for Liberty, players can experience freedom and see for themselves that one can do good by doing well!


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