Unlock New Rewards! SuperTrails

In September I want to learn how I can provide more value to our fantastic donors and players. My goal is to find out what’s right at the top of your list of important and urgent updates. Then I will focus on providing that value. The work may take time, but through September I am focused on learning: learning what you value, and learning where and how I can provide it. I also want to produce results.

So, for some fun we’re kicking things off with SuperTrails! Starting now you can unlock new rewards for donors with some extra perks for all our players. This is just the first batch new reward which you will unlock as you rank up in Liberty Minecraft. SuperTrails is a cosmetic update which offers four new cosmetic options to players as they rank up.

Particle Trails


Block Trails

Rain Trails

Wing Trails

A list of unlocks can be found on our Ranks and Paths page.