The End of Universal Basic Income

Effective immediately, all players will receive 0 claimblocks for each hour of play.

Effective immediately, all players may purchase a land claim of any size, regardless of whether they have received a number claimblocks from play that is larger than the size of the claim being traded.

Effective immediately, the only way you can earn money is by mining diamonds or by trading for diamond money, or by being given money by someone else.

Diamond money in Liberty Minecraft will no longer be distributed simply for being online. Instead, all players will be fully rewarded for their efforts.

Impact: The value of the money you earn will not be devalued by redistribution. This will have many run-off effects, the main one being that, over time money will become more valuable than it otherwise would.


Starting in February of 2016 all players received 20 claimblocks per hour of play. One claimblock is worth $20 and so players received $400 per hour of play. The reason that claimblocks were provided in this way is because land could not be traded unless a player had a claimblocks from play value that is larger than the size of the claim being traded. As of five minutes ago on November 25th, 2017 this is no longer true and so Universal Basic Income has been suspended immediately. Rejoice!

What about the claimblocks that people were issued?

Claimblocks from play that players have received before now will not be removed. Instead, I will earn diamonds that are worth the amount of all claimblocks that have been earned from play. Then I will throw those diamonds into lava. This will take a while.

In total, 9785 hours have been played since our initial beta test (February 2016). Claimblocks are $20 each. Players received 20 claim blocks per hour. 1 diamond == $1000. So, 3914 Diamonds were created from thin air by our Universal Basic Income.

I am responsible for this problem, so I will properly accumulate that many diamonds and throw them into lava.

Previously, it took approximately two weeks for me to mine 2000 diamonds. So it may take a month to collect them all. When I have accumulated all of the diamonds I will record my destruction of them so that everyone knows it has happened.



Nathan (aka NullCase)

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