Test your ideas

I believe to get ahead I must do something different and my decision must be moral. I believe that to be moral, a person must simply resolve non-violent disputes with non-violence. Using non-violence a person’s choices depend on logical, and emperical justification, and respect personal preferences.

Using violence instead is to violently oppose logical, emperical, and moral justification. A person who uses violence to resolve non-violent disputes can never justify this behavior on logical, emperical, or moral grounds; one who behaves in this way has rejected all three.

I believe values are demonstrated when people express their preference for one thing in lieu of something else, and that values are obscured and ignored when a person’s property is used despite their preferences. Without freedom, one is not free to express what one values and others are not free to provide it.

There are thousands of MineCraft servers listed each year, but why? I think people want different things. Preferences are not objective; they depend on who you ask. I think people want to make their own choices. Liberty Minecraft focuses on offering this liberty to all, without exception.

Through Liberty MineCraft I endeavor to test my ideas and others. Our server has basically just one rule: Resolve non-violent disputes with non-violence.

Players are free to claim any land as their property, provided that it has not already been claimed by someone else. Players are also free to engage in commerce on any terms which both parties find agreeable. You can make your own choices because it’s up to you.

To join Liberty MineCraft, visit our Guide!