Players Letter: November 2017

Each month a post like this will share server cost information, in game updates,
and how donations and my time are spent.

Server Costs:

Offering Liberty Minecraft costs me $17.37/month. This includes server and web hosting. Our Liberty Minecraft server for 1 full year costs $161.09 or $13.43/month.’s entire cost for 1 year is $47.28 or $3.94/month. The BlueHost invoice also includes 2 additional years of web hosting for which we received a considerable discount.

This Month In Focus:

In November I focused on telling our stories. More than one hundred hours were spent researching and writing to produce Liberty Minecraft’s raison d’etre; a giant step but just the first. The opening of intrepidca’s Foundry in November demonstrates that Liberty Minecraft is now in an industrial era where players are investing large amounts of capital to create large establishments that produce marginal increases in productivity. Intrepidca’s Foundry is the second new factory to open in as many months.

Japanimator and Haksndot’s restoration projects are creating free market solutions that make our world beautiful. Our story is about finding peaceful ways to deal with difficult problems and controversy and this was on display in November. Telling our stories feels good, and so I will work hard and continue writing in this way.

Behind the Scenes!

Through November I continued to work with a new developer named joshyyf who has created a brand new PVP plugin from scratch for Liberty Minecraft. This solved a critical bug and early this month PVP became optional once again for all players. A complete guide will be available when our new PVP plugin has been released publically. I’ve supplied him with a design for an incentive system that will produce an economy for PVP with voluntary risks, costs for dishonorable combat, and with rewards for the winners – all market based. joshyyf has not yet provided a way for me to pay him for development work, but I do hope to see these ideas through and to compensate him financially for his hard work.

Also, joshyyf solved a big technical problem with our land claims, allowing everyone to trade claims without universal basic income. Fixing this has been nearly a two year goal of mine. In the end, the solution was quite simple and I am thrilled to be working with joshyyf to improve Liberty Minecraft.

I have been contacted by two new podcast hosts about discussing Liberty Minecraft. Previously, I had an opportunity to chat with Kenn Williamson. Talking to strangers on the internet is a challenging proposition, but I will try doing this again because of the value it can provide. Kenn helped me understand the kinds of questions that people wanted answers to, and I decided to focus more on our Free Market Update series as a result.

Liberty in Action:

Every day our players are learning liberty by playing it.
Here are just a few examples:

  • A new town appears to be developing northwest of Spawn. Lanadelkay has established a sheep farm and produced enough wool to satisfy all market demand for the month of November. Optimizing wool production is a very difficult task and prices remain near their 2016 levels. Maybe this is a story to watch out for in the coming months!
  • Japanimator and Haksndot’s Costa Vista has opened shop. Cake and Pumpkin Pie are on sale. Also, there’s a brilliant looking beach in the town. This sleepy seaside town is comfortable, protected from vandals, and better than ever.
  • PizzaJon breaks ground on a new Guardian Farm. In the middle of some distant ocean, PizzaJon has started work on a new farm. Guardian farms provide fish and various pieces that form prismarine blocks. They can also be used as high efficiency squid farms. For two years there has been just one Guardian farm in Liberty Minecraft. It’s about time for some competition!
  • For the first time ever, the heads of hostile mobs are being traded in Liberty Minecraft’s markets. intrepidca has created a large array where Creepers are held until they are struck by lightning which causes them to become “Charged” Creepers. If a Charged Creeper blows up near another mob, that mob’s head is recovered on death. Charged Creepers do twice as much damage as a normal Creeper – a dangerous venture if ever there was one. The price of Creeper skulls started at $50k each and has already fallen to $30k. Zombies and Skeletons are being sold at $25k each.
  • Haksndot has opened the world’s first “Spawner Shop.” Mob Spawners are magic cages which create mobs of a specified type when another player is within their ‘spawn radius’ (16 blocks). Mob Spawners are often used in farms to collect the loot that mobs drop. Ordinarily, a Spawner is impossible to move but in Liberty Minecraft players can collect their property and trade it, including Mob Spawners. Haksndot’s new shop is an elegant Brick building in Landing Market’s square. It’s over near the pumpkins!
  • Lanadelkay has created the world’s first Parrot trap. Parrots are a new species in Liberty Minecraft. No one knows how to breed them, but they turn up once in awhile in Jungles. They’re very interested in sheep and cows and chickens among others, and they mimic hostile mobs. People like them and right now they’re selling for a squawking fortune. Prices have varied from $2000 to $8000. You can buy a parrot right now for $2000 at Haksndot’s Spawner Shop in Landing Market.
  • Knightmetal8 is developing a PVP/Parkour mini game in the Mesa, north of Spawn. The early course design includes a frightening course with lava beneath a 15 block fall. Very dangerous but good for some entertainment! It’s still early days but I hope to be playing a full course in the future! So far, no player has found a fantastic way to monetize minigames. It’s a difficult challenge and an enterprising redstone pro may one day create a solution which they can offer to minigame developers. This would open up the market for minigames across Liberty Minecraft.

There’s so much more happening in Liberty Minecraft!
Don’t miss out!

Operations and Updates:

Players Letters are going to be reworked gradually. From talking with the players I’ve learned to focus more on in game activity than on operational activity. However, here’s a few quick highlights for the month of November.

I completed four backups as promised. This represents a doubling in my commitment to insure that your hard work is protected. Roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes are spent each month doing backups at the current pace. However, I have optimized a little by including most server updates on a weekly schedule. Our server was updated every week to improve performance. With your support, I was able to contact and work with the developers of spigot and worldguard. Those updates have resulted in a stable improvement in server performance.

Monthly Donations Goal $105 – 420% achieved!

  • Top Donor! $60 – spfoia Thanks for letting me hang out with Haksndot so much! You guys are fantastic.
  • $20 – Troll_kin Thanks for telling Japanimator about us! She’s a real champ. And of course, thank you for your kind donation and support. 
  • $10 – intrepidca You rock. It’s basically that simple. Hey, in a few weeks how about we do some data analysis on Nullmart’s economic impact? Or ohh what about the removal of UBI? That’s going to have an effect for months I think. Anyways, huge fan of your projects in our world. Thanks for the support.
  • $5 – Something_Sweg  I think you won that round… but next time I want to keep score. Want to build a new arena with a death counter?
  • $5 – Alienslayer8 You’re consistently an excellent person in our community. I truly appreciate your hard work and support. Plus, fighting over market share with our trading platforms is so much fun 🙂
  • $5 – Flying_Nostril It was great to catch you online this month. I know Haks is a huge fan of your mapping project. At roughly five months and counting, your world map continues to be one of the largest projects ever.

Because of you I am able to offer Liberty Minecraft,
free of charge to anyone who wishes to learn liberty through experience.

Thank you. Thank you for telling me to write more about Liberty Minecraft. You guys were right, and the results this month have been good ones. I will continue to focus on this effort. Thanks for all of your hard work in helping me to achieve our monthly goals. Because of you I know that Liberty Minecraft is valuable to you, and this drives me.

Every month I want to earn your donation by proving that this service is valuable to you. I will do this by continuing to develop Liberty Minecraft and our website I will do this by sharing my progress through posts like this. I will do this by working hard to understand what you want and improving with your feedback.

Every month I want to earn your donation by being transparent about how money is spent. You can find very clear details about how donations will be spent on the Donations Page. Here you can find our Invoices for this and the many months ahead. For my privacy I have removed personal and location information.

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