Player’s Letter – May 2017

Each month a post like this will share server cost information, in game updates, and
how donations and my time are spent.

Server Costs:

Offering Liberty Minecraft costs me $17.37/month. This includes server and web hosting. Our Liberty Minecraft server for 1 full year costs $161.09 or $13.43/month.’s entire cost for 1 year is $47.28 or $3.94/month. The BlueHost invoice also includes 2 additional years of web hosting for which we received a considerable discount.

This Month In Focus:

May is the end of our first quarter. To remain focused on larger goals, parts of this letter will review my progress for you to evaluate.

In May we had the very first player created minigames! Something_Sweg developed a PvP arena where players could tunnel underground or climb and escape. The gameplay was constantly changing. Lego_T created a Minecraft version of Wipeout! A platform style obstacle course. In a rematch between Lego_T and myself, Lego_T narrowly pulled out a comeback win. I look forward to more community events in the months ahead.

Thirteen new blog posts were released in May. My focus this month was to clearly explain Liberty Minecraft for new players: First, by developing the How It Works series which covers everything that makes Liberty Minecraft special. Second, by creating a simple introduction that anyone can follow in ten steps: Your First Day.

May also marks the first ever Liberty Minecraft Challenge. Players are challenged to create an asset which earns them money even while they are offline. A challenge so good that I’m working on an entry too! A series of challenges will be issued over time for those who intend to master our world. Definitely check this out!

My goal for the first year is to provide 10,000 hours of experience in liberty, morality, free markets, and capitalism. Total play time has surpassed 2,600 hours in under 3 months! We are on pace to achieve this goal.

Behind the Scenes!

It wouldn’t be a Player’s Letter without the backstory! This month I engaged Liberty minded parents. They asked many great questions. It was my pleasure speaking with Susie N Shaw Warren, Jason Evers, Todd Jo, and Josh Collier. These interactions helped me to focus on content management solutions.

As a direct result, I am determined to provide more choices for content and chat management. ChatRooms, introduced in May is just the first step. In June I will continue this effort with client side chat filters and more.

Mid month I was contacted by Ted Wray, the community engagement coordinator for Learn Liberty, IHS at George Mason University. He informed me that Art Carden, Economist and professor at Samford University has written about Liberty Minecraft to mark the 8th anniversary of Minecraft. Prof. Carden is a popular blogger for Forbes among many places. I am honored by their support.

I will continue to develop a strategy for engaging with IHS, Learn Liberty, and Professor Carden on mutually beneficial terms, and I intend to provide a proposal to them in due time. I’d also like to thank them for their interest in Liberty Minecraft.

Liberty in Action:

Every day our players are learning liberty by playing it. Here are just a few examples:

  • Something_Sweg and Lego_T developed the first recreational businesses in the world of Liberty Minecraft. I am excited by the development and can’t wait to see whether these services can become economical.
  • A new player, Intrepedica explored several inefficiencies in our market and earned over $5,000 in the process.
  • RadioactiveLee used his knowledge of the game to produce End Rods at an enormous discount to the trade price. NullCase (me) was unaware that End Rods could be crafted from very inexpensive products. This resulted in an immediate 95% reduction in the price of End Rods at NullCase’s shop.
  • The second Free Market Update focuses on a brand new farm for harvesting Carrots and Potatoes. The price of both has fallen by nearly 100%. Market wide prices have fallen in response. Our players get to see first hand how free markets with sound money reward those who save and create capital.
  • Another automatic farm design, intended for the production of wheat has inadvertently produced bread. In time this automatic bread making discovery will lead to the production of incredibly cheap bread.
  • RocketPug_ earned his first $1000 and learned about sound money in the process. By turning that money back into a diamond, he realized he could make a diamond which in some sense had previously been used to make that $1000 . I believe it was an “Ah Ha!” moment.

There’s so much more happening at Liberty Minecraft!
Don’t miss out!

Operations and Updates:

A series of changes were made to The load time for web pages was more than doubled. A site map was created to help search engines find our content. Through May, blog posts were better optimized for web search.

Liberty Subscriptions were released in May. This provides a way for players to donate monthly while unlocking Donor Levels over time. More than 100 new player categories were created within Liberty Minecraft to handle this update, and these were added to the existing build limits across the world.

Several small changes were introduced. A Liberty Minecraft icon was added to the Join Server screen. Our anti-cheat system was updated to better handle rocket-powered flight with Elytra wings and Slime Block launchers. A second round update was tested last night to be implemented following this post. This update will include the latest version of Spigot and many other essential features to Liberty Minecraft.

Monthly Donations Goal $25 – 140% achieved!

  • Top Donor! $20 – RadioactiveLeeThank you for your incredible support of Liberty Minecraft! It’s been a fantastic month getting to see the world scale builds you’re developing.
  • $5 – Something_Sweg, Thank you for betting on me to succeed. You are one of my earliest supporters and this month you became Liberty Minecraft’s very first subscriber. I will continue to work hard for you.
  • $5 – RocketPug_, A phenomenal new member to our community. Thank you for using your capital to help others learn about Liberty.
  • $5 – Alienslayer8, I am truly humbled by your support. So often I have a history with those who invest in my efforts. I look forward to knowing you better in the many months ahead. Welcome, and thank you!

Because of you I am able to offer Liberty Minecraft,
free of charge to anyone who wishes to learn liberty through experience.

We surpassed our goal for two months in a row! Liberty Minecraft is continuing to thrive. Thank you for the opportunity to compete in the months ahead. I will continue to work hard.

Every month I want to earn your donation by proving that this service is valuable to you. I will do this by continuing to develop Liberty Minecraft and our website I will do this by sharing my progress through posts like this and more.

Every month I want to earn your donation by being transparent about how money is spent. You can find very clear details about how donations will be spent on the Donations Page. Here you can find our Invoices for this and the many months ahead. For my privacy I have removed personal and location information.