Player’s Letter: January 2018

Each month a post like this will share server cost information, in game updates,
and how donations and my time are spent.

Server Costs:

Offering Liberty Minecraft costs me $17.37/month. This includes server and web hosting. Our Liberty Minecraft server for 1 full year costs $161.09 or $13.43/month.’s entire cost for 1 year is $47.28 or $3.94/month. The BlueHost invoice also includes 2 additional years of web hosting for which we received a considerable discount.

This month I funded the development of Claim Sorting and Names for GriefPrevention at a total cash cost of $20. You can review the invoices here and here. I have removed RoboMWM’s personal details for his privacy.

I also purchased our domain, for another year with a new domain registrar. This will impact our monthly cost starting in March of this year. You can review the invoice here.

This Month In Focus:

This month I demonstrated a commitment to reinvest capital into Liberty Minecraft. When your donations exceed the cost of providing this service, I will use some of that money to invest in better services and new custom features designed by us.

Development work was the main theme for this month. Focusing on an idea within any given month has been a very successful approach, and I intend to keep it up. This month Liberty Minecraft became the owner of Liberty Referrals’ source code. In due time I will be putting this online for future development. Those developments will be aimed at fixing errors in the code and on new features as they become a priority.

I also released two updates for GriefPrevention, a plugin which manages our Land Claims. These two updates are design to improve your quality of life when managing your claim list. Claim Names allows you to personalize a claim so that it is memorable. Claim Sorting organizes the list so that the locations of claims are easier to understand. I want to thank RoboMWM for his hard work this month. It’s been very good working with him over the last two months.

We are also working on server performance now. Our server’s performance has already roughly tripled in January after we switched our server version from Spigot to Paper. A plugin which runs on our server called WorldGuard is our next task. I use WorldGuard to establish build limits in Liberty Minecraft. This function is very important, as it allows me to monetize Liberty Minecraft. However, WorldGuard is quite a large plugin with many features I do not use, but which cause lag. I have already submitted new work to RoboMWM to address this.

I have also started to work with the developers of PaperMC by providing feedback on new releases. If Paper remains the server version which we use, then I will continue to work with them.

Behind the Scenes!

In January I contacted the Mises Institute about Minecraft as a tool for learning about Economics. My timing was almost perfect! Just 4 days later Chris Calton of Mises Wire published Minecraft and Crusoe Economics. This was a great opportunity for me to share Liberty Minecraft. January became our highest traffic month ever, in large part thanks to This is a tremendous group of people.

This month I have also lined up a few podcasts to talk with. I also ordered a new microphone, the AT2020. My Blue Yeti Pro finally died after 5 solid years of performance. So this week I expect it will arrive and I hope you’ll be hearing more about Liberty Minecraft in podcast form in the weeks ahead.

Revisiting the Claim Block Duplication Glitch

I wish to explain this issue again because there has been a little confusion. Here is an explanation of the problem, what happened, and how I am correcting player balances.

A Claim Block Duplication glitch was solved last month. I have started to fix player claim block balances. Checking over 400 players will take time. However, I believe I have already solved 100% of claim block imbalances. Only players who purchased land have had this occur, and a log of all land purchases is in our archives.

First, if a player purchased land for which they did not have enough claim blocks then their “Bonus Blocks” (which they purchased with Diamond Money) would be duplicated and applied to their “Blocks from play” number. I have all of the play time for players before “Blocks from play” was suspended. So I simply check the number of blocks they should have received against their current number and fix it if players have duplicate blocks.

This glitch, so it turns out had always existed and had been known about for months (just not by me). I found the problem in early December. I solved the problem by investing your donations in late December. Now, because of Liberty Minecraft that bug has a solution which all server operators have the option to use in their GriefPrevention configuration.

Second, once that problem was solved I set out to correct player balances as described two paragraphs above. Things have gone really well. RadioactiveLee, who had more than $1.3 million of duplicate claim blocks visited after months of absence and removed claims to correct his balance. MisterEck, who had about 500 claim blocks duplicated simply bought the blocks all at once. Something_Sweg who is along term supporter of Liberty Minecraft has not been online as yet but I expect he will also simply buy the blocks, roughly 440 of them. lanadelkay also bought his blocks, about 4400 of them.

No changes to player claims were made by me in solving this duplication bug. Rather, only the players have adjusted their land claims or else bought claim blocks to cover balances. There was some confusion about this. I was fortunate to find out right away and have decided to use this as another opportunity to explain.

Finally, if a player neglects to pay for their blocks or adjust land claims to cover the cost then, after 30 days I will adjust land claims until it’s paid off. I’m certain that I can trim down the size of claims to protect their inventory while also paying off the balance. However, I don’t expect to have to use my own judgement at all in any matter concerning the property of others. Everyone is either paid up or I expect they will be soon. The end result is a huge success for Liberty Minecraft. We solved a bug that no one else had, and then we eliminated the effects of it in our world to protect the integrity of our money and our property ownership.

Liberty in Action:

Every day our players are learning liberty by playing it.
Here are just a few examples:

  • KnightMetal8 makes bank! After months of saving and investing in Emeralds, KnightMetal’s bet finally paid off big. His super shop had approximately two double chests of Emeralds available for sale at $960 and $1024 per stack. He purchased the emeralds at a 10% discount to the sale price. In January a jump in demand for Diamond Tools and Enchanted books that are provided by Villagers meant that Emerald prices increased about 20%. KnightMetal8 sold all of his supplies and has made a tidy fortune on his investment.
  • TheScrubJay has a Hard Landing! Nullmart’s tree is quite fun to climb, but it can be dangerous. TheScrubJay found that out in January. LinearSimcon suggested there might be a market opportunity. Now NullCase is selling feather falling enchantments at the base of the tree for ambitious climbers as insurance against personal injury.
  • Japanimator has started on a Desert Village near Alien’s Landing. A nice path under two hilloks leads out to the Village’s main wall. A large villager population has been restored there in recent weeks.
  • Haksndot has created an incredible portal network, complete with large maps of the destinations. Many players have found out that their home is a destination. Some of them have quickly realized that their calculation of risks has changed. Unclaimed buildings and chests full of inventory are suddenly much more likely to be raided. Players are accumulating and deploying capital to protect their hard work. Haksndot’s portal network will probably continue to impact our world, encouraging property ownership and wealth generation.
  • A turnstyle, a recent innovation brought to our world by PizzaJon is expected to be added to Haksndot’s network as a payment for service mechanism. NullCase has already redesigned the redstone to save resources and improve its performance. The turnstyle is already in use at twyb’s brand new Race Track. I hope to be sharing more about this in a free market update.
  • TARP, the terrain and agricultural reparation program created by Haksndot and Japanimator has brought on PizzaJon for a Jungle restoration project. A large section of the jungle had been clear cut for an ambitious project, but the project was abandoned and the jungle was left in ruins. Haksndot privately claimed the land as his property and repaired the jungle. Now it’s one of the many fantastic locations you can visit from Haksndot’s portal network.
  • sharonclaws introduces a new Sugar Cane farm. Using slimeblock pushers like an industrial combine harvester, sharonclaws has created a new farm for sugar cane on her own private island. Already the market price of sugar cane has fallen as low as 10% below the market rate to start the month. Further developments may be around the corner. It’s a story to watch.
  • LinearSimcom’s value-add supply chain. Recently, a new supplier of books has entered the market. sharonclaws has created a sugar cane factory to produce paper, and a cow factory to produce leather and raw beef. Using the leather and paper she produces blank books which sell at Nullmart for over $10 each. These books are primarily used in enchanting. LinearSimcom has purchased books from NullCase, enchants them by trading with his villager population, and then resells the books at The Library for a bumper profit. Those enchanted books have been selling very well in recent weeks, driving the Emerald market as mentioned above.
  • alienslayer8 builds a road. A connection has been established between Spawn and Aliens Landing. The road is perhaps 2 kilometers long, crosses deserts, plains and through forests and swamps, routes around a vast Jungle, passes through land owned by several different players, and all of it is privately owned. This is the first major road constructed in Liberty Minecraft. I have no idea if the investment will be worth it. I know it took a lot of work. Perhaps a $200,000 investment. So, even with fancy portals that allow us to instantly leap from place to place… we still have private roads. alienslayer8 ultimately found a loan from Haksndot for the project. He first requested a loan from NullCase, but he was rather broke from paying for the destruction of UBI in Liberty Minecraft.
  • The Twelve seasonally named Cats found in Nullmart’s tree have left of their own accord. No action was required on my part. There’s no word on where they’ve gone or if they’ll return. Haksndot, their owner is away on business and unavailable for comment.
  • Silfoex began reparations on another destroyed village this month. Interestingly, his repair work is not yet claimed. This contrasts well with Haksndot and Japanimator’s village repairs which have always been privately owned. Perhaps in time I will be able to reflect on the difference between these two projects.
  • Nullmart now has a direct portal from Hrafnia. A lovely looking tree and portal are just outside Hrafnia’s castle walls. The tree and portal were funded and built with private money by NullCase on land that’s privately owned by Haksndot. The tree and portal are Haksndots property to do with as he wishes.
  • FlarpvonKarma moves into an abandoned village. The village was previously owned some months ago but has since been abandoned. There is a nice pumpkin farm, a villager breeder, and several structures with some inventory. The village has been privately claimed by FlarpvonKarma and is being refurbished to produce new goods.
  • poliswim restores desert sand. Collecting and selling sand is a popular way for players to earn their first wad of diamond cash. However, the natural landscape is impacted. Players have sought different ways to protect our landscape, both in privately owning the land and by repairing unowned land. poliswim has just joined Liberty Minecraft and is proving already that protecting the environment is here to stay. Our players may operate in their own self interest, but that’s how we can protect our landscape.
  • Leonard04 discovered that a diamond portal was vulnerable in the “Socialized” area. He broke the portal and privately appropriated the diamonds in a location outside the socialized area. The portal has since been privately protected by NullCase. Resource extraction from the socialized area continues to be the trend.
  • A new district has formed at Spawn. Roughly 5 players have created their first homes there. It’s a brand new area of activity with its own border disputes to boot. pharohs24 has already offered to buy a building he doesn’t like. He intends to demolish it. If the owner accepts then both players will be better off for it. This is just one of many developing stories in Liberty Minecraft.

There’s so much more happening in Liberty Minecraft!
Don’t miss out!

Operations and Updates:

As promised, Liberty Minecraft was fully backed up on 4 occasions this month. Liberty Minecraft’s game server was updated about 35 times in January with new releases such as Claim Name, and for general performance improvements. Most of the updates were to our modified version of the Minecraft server called Spigot (since upgraded to Paper), to ChestShop which manages our trades, to Essentials which manages our chat and player commands, to our various anti-cheat systems, and to WorldGuard which manages build limits.

Monthly Donations Goal $25 – 300% achieved!

  • Top Donor! $20 – sharonclaws Thank you so much for supporting Liberty Minecraft. Welcome, and I hope you and your family stay and enjoy yourselves for years to come.
  • Top Donor! $20 – XZSanta Thank you for sharing the wonderful stories about your family discussing economics and property using Liberty Minecraft. Thank you for your support.
  • $10 – ShockingCloud Welcome to Liberty Minecraft! CelciusII was very kind to refer you to our server. 
  • $10 – lanadelkay This is so huge for me. You were among the very first players to call our server home. And here we are. Two years later, you’re still here, playing and battling it away in our free market. Thank you.
  • $5 – Something_Sweg Thank you for your steady and continuous support. You wouldn’t believe! We had a dozen people watching or participating in a battle at your PVP arena on sunday. Another sunday soon I hope we’ll play it again.
  • $5 – Alienslayer8 I hope you make a fortune on that road. I have my doubts though! Better claim 50 blocks on either side. Maybe you can sell it for commercial development.
  • $5 – Flying_Nostril Thanks for your continued support. What do you think of the new road past your place? Or the new portal?

Because of you I am able to offer Liberty Minecraft,
free of charge to anyone who wishes to learn liberty through experience.

Thank you for giving Liberty Minecraft one of it’s best months ever. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals.

Every month I want to earn your donation by proving that this service is valuable to you. I will do this by continuing to develop Liberty Minecraft and our website I will do this by sharing my progress through posts like this. I will do this by working hard to understand what you want and improving with your feedback.

Every month I want to earn your donation by being transparent about how money is spent. You can find very clear details about how donations will be spent on the Donations Page. Here you can find our Invoices for this and the many months ahead. For my privacy I have removed personal and location information.

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