Player’s Letter – April 2017

Each month a post like this will share server cost information, in game updates, and
how donations and my time are spent.

Server Costs:

Offering Liberty Minecraft costs me $17.37/month. This includes server and web hosting. Our Liberty Minecraft server for 1 full year costs $161.09 or $13.43/month.’s entire cost for 1 year is $47.28 or $3.94/month. The BlueHost invoice also includes 2 additional years of web hosting for which we received a considerable discount.

This Month In Focus:

April marks the first and second Minigame Saturday events! Players turned up ready to compete. We played King of the Ladder and Spleef. More to come! Announcements will be on!

In April alone 12 new player guides, blog posts, and news articles were written for

I completed a three part series called On Competitive Advantage, part of my endeavour to develop and test new ideas. This endeavour is important to me. I want to thank each of you for providing an opportunity for me to learn, share, and innovate!

A new series: How It Works describes Liberty Minecraft as a service in great detail. This represents part of my commitment to clearly communicate what Liberty Minecraft is all about!

The Free Market Update was also created in April. Here you will find in-game market events while they’re fresh! Incredible innovations that take the world by storm will be highlighted by the Free Market Update.

I also took advantage of free promotion. Liberty Minecraft now has a Facebook page – just one more way to share our story. I will evaluate whether to continue using facebook in 3 months. I also posted our website on Reddit and Voat. New players like Metalg33k are quickly creating a place for themselves. Welcome to Liberty Minecraft everyone!

Behind the Scenes!

Oh I know, you want the backstory. The dirt and grit. Well here it is!

This month I joined Tom Wood’s secret facebook group for Liberty-minded creators. I’ve already connected with some terrific people like podcaster Darien Sumner, blogger Cameron Hernandez, and photographer Mike Grauer. Who knows what opportunities this may provide in the future!

In an attempt to determine the source of a technical problem I worked directly with Host Havoc. Thank you Mr. Jeffery Meyer, Support Agent, Mr. Ian Drew, Tech Support, Mr. Scott Csonka, GM, and Mr. Clay Berndt, CEO. It was all hands on deck! I want to thank each of them for directing inquiries, responding promptly, and for providing suggestions of their own. I value their dedication to top notch support!

Liberty in Action:

Every day our players are learning liberty by playing it. Here are just a few examples:

  • Starting early this month Something_Sweg created the Liberty Boat Transit Association, a boat club which grants membership by recognizing players who’ve contributed to LibertyMinecraft while maintaining a standard of conduct. LibertyMinecraft has been open to the public for two months, but the free market is already developing incentives for ethical behavior!
  • A related Canal and waterway project is under development. Boat sales alone may not be sufficient to cover its expense. I am curious to see if they will find a way to cover costs! If you ask me? I’m watching innovation in motion!
  • BelegStrongbow waged a perfectly moral price war against myself. The price of iron turned sharply downward, falling by 30% in 3 days. Based on a projection of higher iron production, he bet that I had priced iron incorrectly high. To make his wager, BelegStrongbow sold iron to me in bulk before undercutting my offer. He wasn’t alone. This market action precipitated further declines in subsequent days. Iron is now trading at a new all-time low; 70% below the close of March at Entropy, a player run Bazaar shop.
  • As BelegStrongbow and others anticipated, production of iron has increased substantially due to the increase in mining activity. Mining production is up due to higher demand for diamonds among players. Diamonds are money in Liberty Minecraft.
  • RadioactiveLee’s pumpkin farm was highlighted in the first Free Market Update! As follow-up, over fifty different items – all representing large parts of the economy fell in price by 50% or more. The buying power of our Diamond money is through the roof. All players are richer than ever.
  • A more efficient design for cow farming has significantly increased leather and beef output. Consequently, the prices of Steak and Books have fallen even while providing a pay increase to Cooks and Bookbinders! This was possible because the increase in supply for leather and beef has outpaced demand specifically for the production of Steak and Books.
  • New uses for beef and leather are becoming profitable as a result. In April, for the first time ever cheap leather allowed villager traders to procure emeralds at a profit.
  • Shortly afterward NullCase’s monster trap and RadioactiveLee’s pumpkin farm replaced the use of leather as the cheapest available option for acquiring Emeralds. Emerald prices have fallen by more than 50%.
  • Lego_T is developing a new Minigame, and expending time and resources on the project. He’s making a firm bet that the players will have a strong demand for minigames in the many months ahead. Lego_T is taking a risk by using his own capital to position himself ahead of that demand! Will he succeed in this entrepreneurial task?

There’s so much more happening at Liberty Minecraft!
Don’t miss out!

Operations and Updates:

Mid-month I spent time learning a better way to manage player ranks and donor levels. This allowed me to reduce our group management configuration from ~12500 lines of code to ~2500. The new file loads more quickly and makes future updates easier than ever! Better, and faster! Several small updates are already in place which provide new abilities and commands as you rank up on Liberty Minecraft. Check out our ranks and paths guide!

The server is running the latest version of Spigot as of April 25th. Spigot is a modified version of the Minecraft server which can be altered to include all of the things that make Liberty Minecraft special. Before each update I test the newest version of Spigot offline for basic performance issues, but I will continue to solicit your feedback!

There’s loads more: Two full backups were completed through April. Your hard work is protected. Animals you have tamed are now your property. We now use a light weight PVP system. Knockback has been added to snowballs for minigames. Our anti-cheat system has been optimized. These optimizations reduce false positives when using automatic fish farms and enable the new Minecraft update – rocket flight with Elytra wings!

Not everything went according to plan! I spent time programing a bot which responds to frequently asked questions in real time. The bot functions perfectly on our offline test server but fails to function online. The exact source of the problem remains an open question. I will continue to search for a solution or an alternative. As mentioned earlier, I reached out to Host Havoc. I have also reached out to Multicraft for information about this problem. I am awaiting a response from Multicraft.

Monthly Donations Goal $25 – 225% achieved!

  • Top Donor! $20 – CassieNiccoleOne of the original VoatCraft players, an incredible person who inspired me to build Liberty Minecraft! Today, it is my pleasure to recognize you as an inspiration and now as a supporter of Liberty Minecraft. Thank you so much!
  • Top Donor! $20 – RadioactiveLee, An original VoatCraft member who helped to build a remarkable world. Thank you for inspiring me to create Liberty Minecraft. Thank you for becoming a supporter.
  • $10 – MisterEck, I am so grateful for your support of Liberty Minecraft. Thank you for donating in support of this effort. I will not forget the impact your capital provides.
  • $5 – Something_Sweg, Liberty Minecraft entrepreneur, focused and hardworking. Always a pleasure to interact with. Thank you for your clear and consistent support!
  • $1 – WizWom, Thank you for providing excellent competition in the market place. Thank you for supporting this service.

Because of you I am able to offer Liberty Minecraft,
free of charge to anyone who wishes to learn liberty through experience.

We surpassed our goal! Wohoo! Working on this project has been very rewarding, and I have so many people to thank for that but I’m far from done!

Every month I want to earn your donation by proving that this service is valuable to you. I will do this by continuing to develop Liberty Minecraft and our website I will do this by sharing my progress through posts like this and more.

Every month I want to earn your donation by being transparent about how money is spent. You can find very clear details about how donations will be spent on the Donations Page. Here you can find our Invoices for this and the many months ahead. For my privacy I have removed personal and location information.