Minigame Saturday

What? Player vs. Player Battle Arena! Created by Something_Sweg

Where? Through The Portal At Spawn!

When? Saturday, 6PM GMT, 1PM EST, 10AM PST!!!!!

Suggested Items? Spare armor and weapons will be available free of charge. A few dollars to buy cheap ammo & bows & swords. 

What To Expect: Stands available for viewers! Items dropped on death may be lost!
Friendly Competition! Archery Battles! Sword Fighting! PvP.

Game Rules: Everyone is allowed to kill you when you turn PvP on. No one is allowed to kill you when you turn PvP off. (type /pvp to toggle player vs player mode.)

Previous Event’s Participants!

TimthePleb, Something_Sweg, CelciusII

Thanks for playing!

2 thoughts on “Minigame Saturday

    1. Just unfortunate that we do have breaks between Minigame Saturdays! Maybe I can find a way to resolve that in the future by having someone else run them when I’m not available!

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