Minecraft 1.12 – World of Color Update

June 7th, 2017 marks the release of Minecraft version 1.12!

Here you can read about the latest minecraft update Available NOW on Liberty Minecraft!

World of Color and Block Updates!
  • Concrete and Concrete Powder is available in all 16 colors. Powder moves like sand until it interacts with water at which point it becomes Concrete.
  • Glazed Terracotta can be obtained by smelting Hardened Clay (now called Terracotta). Glazed Terracotta is available in all colors.
  • Beds are bouncy with reduced fall damage. They’re available in all 16 colors for up to 120 different combinations!
  • Banners have a slightly different texture palette.
  • Shulker Boxes have a slightly different color.
  • Wool textures have changed. Sheep have changed to match.
  • Fences/walls/panes and Bars now connect to the flat side of stairs.
  • New Sounds! Bone block, block of gold, clay, packed ice, and wool now all have brand new note sounds.
  • Paintings will now try to place the largest possible painting in the available space.
  • A new Parrot mob may be found in Jungles. Players may tame them with seeds! Right click to sit them down and walk near them while crouching to put a parrot on your shoulder!
Minecraft 1.12 Interface Updates!
  • Minecraft’s new advancement system replaces the existing achievements with pop-up notifications colored to indicate normal advancements and challenges. There are five separate tabs including Story, Adventure, Nether, The End, and Husbandry (apparently it’s to do with food, so that’s good).
  • Pressing CTRL+B will turn on the text-to-speech engine which automatically reads chat messages.
  • A tech-tree style recipe book which shows exactly what you’ve made and what you can make. Selecting craftable items from the Recipe Book will show how it’s made. Shift-click automatically moves materials into the crafting slots.
  • The first time you enter the world you will get to play the new player tutorial.

 Update: Liberty Minecraft is NOW running Minecraft 1.12

The World of Color update will be live and online when the following plugins have been updated to 1.12:
  • ChestShop – An essential component of our free market and trade system. * (updated and tested).
  • WorldGuard – Part of our private property solution. (requirement has been tentatively cleared. An independant built has been tested and works correctly.)+**
The World of Color update may go live before the following non-essential plugins have a 1.12 update available:
  • BottledXP – Part of our free market and private property. (Updated and tested).
  • EnjinMinecraftPlugin – Announces all donations in game, handles automated mailing systems.***

These lists are partial and subject to change pending additional updates, bugs, failures.

* In the event that ChestShop has not been updated today, we do have the option to switch to barter temporarily. This also provides a fantastic opportunity to move the decimal (details would be made available). In short, moving the decimal will subdivide diamonds into 10x the current rate. All prices and balances will be similarly impacted. In practice, all prices would remain the same. They would just appear different.

+ I am currently testing an independent build which appears to be compatible with 1.12. If so, we can launch 1.12 sooner. I would use this build until the official WorldGaurd release is available.

** WorldGaurd has historically been updated and available within Two Weeks of a major Minecraft Update.

****Note: All Donation Rewards will be available and operating normally. Donor rewards will be provided manually in the event that 1.12 goes live prior to the release of an update for the EnjinMinecraftPlugin. As always, your contributions are cherished.

My goal is to release the World of Color, Minecraft 1.12 for Liberty Minecraft promptly and securely. I will continue to work hard.


Nathan (aka NullCase)