Liberty Referrals User Guide

Learn how to earn game money by referring new players with this guide.

Liberty Referrals is a custom minecraft plugin for spigot, developed for Liberty Minecraft’s Server, free to all players the moment they join. This Minecraft Plugin was created by apik007 and then customized specifically for Liberty Minecraft. Our custom version provides a reward that’s set by free market economic forces.

Liberty Minecraft players also suggested, specified, and then submitted a new design; a way to refer players that was not offered originally by ReferalSystemPro. With your donations I have funded the development of these custom features. And they’re available right now.

Made for you by you. To the benefit of others also. Selfish Capitalists hard at work 🙂

Liberty Referrals is simple. There are no complicated referral keys to type on login. If you know your friends username (or they know yours) then you’re all set.

How do I refer someone to Liberty’s Minecraft Server?

  • Before they first join: You type /ref invite <theirUserName>
  • After they first join: They type /ref by <yourUserName>

When can I refer someone?

  • Referrals can be processed in the first two hours of play. After two hours of play a new player cannot process a referral invitation.

How does the reward system for players work?

  • Reward payments depend on /ref balance.
  • Our reward system pays 0.1% for your first 5 referrals.
    • example: /ref balance is $5,200,000. You receive $5,200 for a referral.
  • After 5 referrals you receive 0.17% of the account balance.
    • example: /ref balance is $5,200,000. You receive $8,840 for a referral.

When are rewards paid?

  • Rewards are automatically paid after your invitee has played for two hours.

Minecraft Server Command List

  • /ref invite <playerName> Invites a new player (before they join).
  • /ref info <playerName> Shows you information about a player invite.
  • /ref list Shows a list of your invitations.
  • /ref remove <playerName> Remove an invitation to a specific player.
  • /ref help Displays all commands for Liberty Referrals.
  • /ref menu Displays the graphical user interface. Here you can manage referrals.
  • /ref top Shows the referral leaderboard.
  • /ref by <playerName> Allows a new user to say who referred them.
  • /ref deposit <money> Deposits money into the referral account.
  • /ref balance Shows all the money in the referral account.