Liberty Referrals: Get Paid to Share Liberty.

Support Liberty Minecraft with in-game Money right now!

Late last week alienslayer8 and I brainstormed about an idea for Liberty Minecraft. Early this week I worked with apik007, a minecraft plugin developer.

apik007 specializes in economy and management tools for Minecraft and today we have something completely new, just for Liberty Minecraft!

Today I’m thrilled to tell you about Liberty Referrals.

Liberty Referrals is a free market Referral Program, custom built for Liberty Minecraft. Liberty Referrals provides you with new options right now.

  1. Earn in-game money by referring new players to the server.
    • Invite someone new before they join with /ref invite <minecraft name>
    • Get paid when your referral has played 2 hours (without afk).
    • The bigger the money pool, the more you get paid!
    • At $1 million you earn $1000. At 10 million you earn $10,000!
    • After five processed referrals your pay jumps 70%!
    • Proven affiliates earn more money.
  2. Donate in-game money to the money pool with /ref deposit <money>
    • Now anyone can support our growth.
    • You can help us find new players by donating your in-game money!
    • Your hard earned money can help Liberty grow!
  3. Track your invites with /ref list and see everyone you have invited.
  4. Be Top Referrer by referring the most people. View the top referrer list with /ref top
  5. Check the money pool’s current balance with /ref balance

Liberty Referrals means it’s up to you. You decide how much someone can earn by sharing Liberty Minecraft. It’s your money after all.

I will match the first $5 MILLION that you donate by
Friday, September 1st!

Liberty Referrals is now being beta tested on Liberty Minecraft. Next month I will be submitting small improvements, so feedback is encouraged! – null