Liberty Minecraft ChatRooms

Liberty Minecraft is focused on individual choice: the freedom to decide for yourself. In this spirit, all players have the freedom to decide for themselves whose messages they see. ChatRooms, introduced today gives you more freedom to manage your chat.

ChatRooms is a server-side extension that allows you to create, manage, and maintain your own chat room in Liberty Minecraft. ChatRooms is available at no cost and requires no setup to begin using. ChatRooms is available right now.

Chat rooms are temporary – when the last person leaves the room it will vanish. In Liberty Minecraft, if you create a chat room then you alone decide how it is used while the chat room exists.

Use ChatRooms:

  • Join a chat room – /cr join <roomname>
  • Leave the current chat room – /cr leave
  • For Help/cr help
  • Typing in a chat room works like Minecraft chat: Press t and type your message.

Create a Chat Room:

  • Create your own chat room – /cr create <roomname>
  • Write a description – /cr description <roomname> <description>
  • Check a rooms info – /cr info <roomname>

Manage a Chat Room:

  • Mute a user  – /cr mute
  • Unmute a user – /cr unmute
Closed Chat Rooms:

In a closed chat room, no one may join without permission.

  • Close the room – /cr open <roomname> false
  • Invite a user – /cr invite <player>
  • Kick a user – /cr kick <player>
Open Chat Rooms:

In an open chat room, anyone may join at will. However, you may still refuse entry if you wish.

  • Open the room – /cr open <roomname> true
  • Ban a user – /cr ban <player>
  • Unban a user – /cr unban <player>