Join Liberty!

Server IP:

Joining Liberty Minecraft:

This step-by-step guide will show you how to join Liberty Minecraft in less than 8 minutes. In under 8 minutes! you can purchase Minecraft, install, and begin to Learn Liberty by playing it!

If you already have the desktop version of Minecraft (not pocket edition), skip to step 4! You’re 30 seconds away from joining Liberty Minecraft – No downloads, 100% free!

Have an older computer? Check your System Requirements before you buy!

  1. Visit Minecraft’s Website:  Click “Buy Minecraft.” Be Secure! Only purchase through the MineCraft website.

  2. Register a Mojang Account: Click “Buy Minecraft” at the page above then Create your account. Confirm your email.
    in 5 years I have never received spam email from Mojang.

  3. Get Minecraft: Liberty Minecraft is available on PC, Mac, and Linux. Not Pocket Edition. Console may be available later! Purchase, Download Minecraft, Install your new game!

  4. Open Minecraft and click Play:

  5. Select Multiplayer!

  6. Select Add Minecraft Server!

  7. Add the Minecraft Server Details! Name: Liberty Minecraft Server Address:

  8. Join Liberty Minecraft!

Welcome to Liberty Minecraft!

Liberty Minecraft in 10 Steps! Your First Day!

2 thoughts on “Join Liberty!

  1. I’m from Alabama so please cut me the commensurate slack. Is Liberty Minecraft a paid addon for Minecraft or simply a free group for those who already own the game?

    1. Mitch Allen, Thanks for your question. You’ve just helped improve my guide.

      Anyone who owns minecraft for a desktop PC, Mac or Linux can join in less than 1 minute, absolutely for free. Once you have Minecraft installed there’s nothing extra to install. Liberty Minecraft is unavailable for the mobile pocket edition but may be available on Xbox in the future.

      This way I can offer a practice environment for Learning Liberty to a wide audience. Over 80% of the more than 120 million copies sold can access the server right away.

      Have a great evening!

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