Introducing Liberty Subscriptions!

Starting today players may select a subscription option in the Liberty Minecraft Donation Store. Subscriptions offer the following benefits:

  • All donations for Donor Paths will accumulate to provide discounts on Donor Levels.
  • When a Liberty Subscriber has accumulated 100% of the purchase price for a Donor Path, that item will become available for purchase at no cost.
  • Donor Levels will be permanently unlocked after purchase.
  • Monthly Payments provide a way to achieve higher Donor Levels without paying the entire Donor Level all at once.
  • All previous donations will also count toward your accumulated discount prices. There is no punishment for anyone who’s supported Liberty Minecraft so far.

Why Subscriptions: My thinking is this. Maybe you want a way to reach a high Donor Level without having to pay for it all at once. Maybe you want your previous donations to provide discounts on future donor levels. Now you can have both.

Your Feedback Helps! This offering is new! Please let me know if you have questions or feedback.

One more Perk for Liberty Subscribers! I am looking for a way to provide one more perk: Land Claims which do not expire. If this is possible, all subscribers will be granted this override regardless of the subscription they select.

So far progress on solving this problem is mixed. The developers of the griefprevention plugin have stated that there is no built in permission which grants the exemption on the basis that spigot does not check player permissions while a player is offline.

I am searching for a workaround that may provide the same result. Two options are being investigated now. So, no guarantees but I want to offer this perk for subscribers.

Other News:

  • Sparky’s Bakery has been reopened with a brand new design.
  • Today’s update includes a fix for Donor Commands. If you have experienced any problems using your Donor Commands I am terribly sorry! Please enjoy the free goodies at the Bakery near Spawn.