Improving Minecraft Server Performance

Improving Server Performance in Minecraft

In June of 2017, our server performance started to take a dive. Over the next 8 months I learned new ways to solve server performance issues. Here’s how I learned to save 50% on server fees, and over $150 in server costs for Liberty Minecraft.

That’s a timings report from Spigot, one of the most popular servers for Minecraft. WorldGuard, a popular Minecraft plugin was out of control.

With your donations, Liberty Minecraft funded a solution to this problem. I found an excellent developer, RoboMWM. He added the new code to ignore this event. Our server now runs on 30% of the resources at 5x the performance.

Since October we have switched to our newly developed version of WorldGuard, we have switched to Paper MC, and we have reduced our demand for memory by 70%.

Liberty Minecraft now runs on 3GB of memory instead of 10GB. This means we can continue to save money as Liberty Minecraft grows. This means that hundreds of server operators can save money because of your contributions to Liberty Minecraft. Thank you so much!

RoboMWM received $40 for completing work that will save hundreds of server operators money. He also received a bonus of $70 for achieving my goals: substantially increase our server performance while protecting our server. These savings take effect immediately.

Many will not have noticed a drop in quality. Most will never have noticed difficulties in recent months. For those few who have, thank you for your dedication to Liberty Minecraft. Thank you for trusting me to solve this problem. By this and with your donations to Liberty Minecraft we have created an opportunity to save thousands of dollars for server operators in our community.

I will continue to work hard. Your donations will continue to be reinvested when they exceed server costs.


Nathan, AKA NullCase



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