How Private Property Works:

In Liberty Minecraft, private property is defined by computer code. As defined, you have the exclusive right to decide how your property is used within Liberty Minecraft. No one can use your property unless you first permit it – by intention or dereliction. Players are free to make their own choices, take risks, reap the rewards, and bare the consequences. Your property remains yours until you abandon it.

There are five types of private property in Liberty Minecraft.

  • Inventory: items held on your character, in an Ender Chest, or placed within your existing land claims.
  • Cash Balance: the diamonds or claim blocks you have converted directly into cash. Type /bal to check your cash balance.
  • Claim Blocks: existing claims, and claim blocks you have accrued or purchased. Type /claimlist to check your Claims.
  • Pets: Animals you have tamed such as Horses, Cats, Dogs.
  • Land Claims: Everything in your land claims up to your build limit. This includes boats, trees, dirt, water, buildings, untamed animals, etc..

Inventory as Private Property:

Inventory as private property is created when you pick up any item. You may hold inventory, put it in any ender chest, or place it (often in a container) on land that is claimed by you. In these three cases, inventory is your private property.

To abandon inventory a player may drop it or neglect it. Items are dropped when a player’s character dies. Items can be dropped using your mouse or the drop key (usually Q). Land claims can disappear due to neglect after 28 or 60 days of inactivity as described in our Claim Guide. Failing to join the server for this number of days means you will abandon a land claim and any inventory within the containers there.

Items held on your character or in your ender chest cannot be abandoned due to neglect.

Cash as Private Property:

Players may convert Diamonds into Cash at the Diamond Exchange. Your cash balance is your property until you trade it or give it away. Money as private property in your Cash Balance does not vanish due to inactivity.

Claim Blocks as Private Property:

Claim Blocks as private property are created when you buy them for $20 each. Players who abandon a claim will have the spent claim blocks returned to them. Players may trade their claim blocks by selling the land on which they have been applied. Players may convert claim blocks into cash at a fixed rate by using the /sellclaim command.

Claim blocks held as private property do not vanish due to inactivity.

Pets as Private Property:

Animals that you tame are your property as pets. Currently tamed animals remain your property even if you are inactive. I intend to change this so that it follows the rules for inactivity that apply to land claims.

Land Claims as Private Property:

The land you claim using our land claims guide and everything on it is your property to use as you wish. You may sell it, remove it – whatever you like. Land claims expire due to inactivity unless a player has accrued $1 million in claim blocks. Visit our claim guide for more information about Land Claims.

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