How Minecraft Privacy Works:

Minecraft privacy does not exist.

How I deal with Minecraft’s lack of privacy:

I treat Minecraft servers like digital public parks. In this digital park it is easy to log everything that happens. Minecraft does not use any form of encryption. Even private messages are not actually private. It’s not a private place and I behave accordingly.

A Guide for Parents: Is Minecraft A Minefield Of Privacy Concerns?

I’ve read a dozen online guides for parents, and spent several hours looking for ways to provide real privacy for users of Liberty Minecraft. I failed.

To provide a privacy solution I would have to create it, and I’m not a cryptographer – I’m just a guy who cares about Liberty. I feel the link provided above gives the most accurate information about minecraft privacy. My view is this: You know what’s best for your child. I will continue to provide information.

Why I use Minecraft:

  • Minecraft is an excellent game.
  • People already have Minecraft: Over 120 million copies sold, Minecraft is number #1 in online games. Ever.
  • Minecraft is a tool for learning through experience.
    • Redstone gives people a way to apply logic and computer programing in the game.
    • Server plugins give me with a way to provide something like sound money and a free market economy, property, and much more.
    • Lego-like building makes creating easy for anyone.
    • The barrier to entry is low. Even a 5 year old can learn minecraft. (note: 13+ is in the unenforceable Mojang Terms of service)
  • Put simply, minecraft ticks all the boxes except one: Minecraft has no privacy.