Land Claims

Property: things which belong to a person.

For Liberty MineCraft, property is defined using computer code. Everything you claim is your property. Nothing you claim can be used without your permission. Everything on your person and in your enderchest also belongs to you, but this guide will focus on land claims.

Land claims protect the land, and everything on it. All buildings, chests, trees, animals, crops, or blocks within your claim are your property. The contents of all chests on your claim are also your property. Your land claim extends down 1 block beneath the lowest block you’ve placed. Your land claim extends up to the build limit.

Dropped items are not protected. Lily pads are not protected (technical constraint).

Unused land claims are temporary. Temporary land claims can be created by typing the command /claim. Temporary claims last 28 days. Place a block on an existing temporary claim to make it permanent.

Permanent land claims do not expire on their own. If the owner of a claim has accrued $1 million in claim blocks, their claims do not expire. Otherwise, land claims will expire after 60 days of inactivity. Most players will be subject to this second option.

Claimblocks that were once applied to a claim are recovered when the claim is resized or abandoned.

How To Buy Claim blocks: Claim blocks cost $20 each. Once you’ve earned some money you may type /buyclaim <amount>. For example, typing /buyclaim 50 will spend $1000 on claim blocks.

How To See Land Claims: The quickest way to see Land Claims is by using a stick.

  1. Using a stick to see Land Claims: To see if a block is claimed, hold a stick and right click a block. Shift-click displays local claims.

How To Claim Land: To start, you have two options for making your first land claim.

  1. Claiming land with the command /claim: By typing the command /claim you will create a temporary 5×5 claim with the block you are standing on as the center.
  2. Claiming land with a Claim Tool (Golden Axe): You may use a golden axe to create permanent land claims. Permanent land claims expire after 60 days unless a player has spent $1 million on claim blocks.Gold axes are made with two sticks and 3 gold ingots.
    Selecting your Gold Axe displays the number of Claim Blocks you have.

    Right Click a block to set the corner of your land claim.

    .Right Click a second block to set a Land Claim.

Expand or Resize a Land Claim: Claims can be made larger and smaller by selecting and then moving a corner.

  1. With a Golden Axe, Select the corner of your claim by right clicking it twice (at least once). If you struggle to find the corner try using a stick.

  2. With a Golden Axe, Right Click the new corner to resize your claim.

Land Claim Commands:
Our land claim plugin comes with many useful commands to help you manage your property.

  • Buy Claim Blocks: /buyclaim <number>
  • Sell Claim Blocks: /sellclaim <number>
  • Display Your Claims: /claimlist will display your land claims and claimblocks.
  • Deleting A Land Claim and Recover Claimblocks: /abandonclaim while standing inside your claim to remove it entirely. The claimblocks spent on that claim become available for reuse after you abandon or resize a claim.
  • Revoke Permissions: to remove any permissions you have given to a player use the command /untrust player_name
  • Grant Full Permission: /trust <player_name> grants full permissions. As an example, /trust nullcase will grant me full access to your claim and the contents of chests. This includes breaking all blocks. Using /trust all instead would provide this same access to everyone. Players you trust on your claim are given permission by you to do whatever they want on your claim. Trusted players cannot resize or remove your claim.
  • Grant Door & Button Permissions: /accesstrust <player_name> to give that player the ability to use buttons, levers and open gates and doors (including trapdoors) on your claim. A player is free to use that permission however they wish.
  • Grant Chest Access & Doors: /containertrust <player_name> gives permission to chests and buttons/doors. Players trusted in this way cannot break blocks.
  • Expand Land claim: /extendclaim <number> will expand your land claim by that number of blocks IN the direction you are facing.
  • Narrow Land claim: /extendclaim <negative number> will expand your land claim by that number of blocks IN the direction you are facing. EG. typing /extendclaim -10 will retract your land claim by 10 from the direction you are facing.

These are the critical basics to get you started.

For more check out the Advanced Guide to Land Claims.