Chest Shop

ChestShop offers players a convenient way to exchange goods. The terms of an exchange are set by the shop maker. Anyone can make a shop. In other words, all players have the option to use ChestShop and offer to trade on preferable terms with other players.

Protecting a Shop: As always, unclaimed land is not protected. Placing your shop in a Land Claim that you control makes a shop your property. See our Land Claim guide to learn how to claim property.

Using A Chest Shop:

  • Left click to sell, right click to buy!
  • Shift+click to trade in stacks of 64

Creating A Chest Shop:

Required Materials:

  • 1 Chest = 8 planks in a square using a crafting table. (A double chest, or even a trapped chest will work!)
  • 1 Sign,  6 Planks in the top two rows and 1 Stick in the middle square and bottom row = 3 Signs.
  • An Item, item name, or item ID value.


  1. Getting Started: To create a chest shop a player must have at least three things. A chest where items are placed, the name of an item to trade, and a sign on which their offer is listed.A player can make a chest with 8 planks in a crafting table using the pattern above (right side). A player can make 3 signs with 6 planks and 1 stick use the pattern above (left side). The item to be traded in our example is a piece of redstone, shown above (middle).
  2. Location: Place your chest where you want to trade. Shop chests must be in your land claim to be protected by you.

  3. Preparing to Trade: If you have the item you wish to trade, place it in the chest. This will often make the next step easier.

  4. Fill out your offer: With your SIGN in hand, hold shift + right-click on the chest. This will place your sign on the chest. Then, fill out each line as explained.
    • Line one is left blank.
    • In line two, type in the amount of items you wish to offer per trade.
    • For line three, type in the price that you want to offer. People can sell S or buy B from you. The sign is written from their perspective. Buy price must be higher.
    • In line four, type in the name of the item (or item ID). If you have that item in the chest, just type ? which will autocomplete the name for the first item it finds.

Auto-complete Item Name example: To auto complete the name of your item, simply type ? on the fourth line. The first item in your chest (left to right, top down) will be used. In this example, players have the option to sell that item to me for 1 cent, and buy for 2 cents.

I want to sell only! example: Here my sign is filled out so that players may only buy from me. In this case, I have given players the option to buy from me at 2 cents per redstone.

I want to buy only! example: Here I am offering players the option to sell redstone to me for 1 cent per redstone.

That’s the basics! As with land claims, ChestShop can be used in advanced ways too. For myself, this simple guide covers the vast majority of situations. If your ChestShop is still not working, keep experimenting! or check back again soon for an Advanced ChestShop guide.

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