Free Market Update: Race Track Opens

In January, twyb and pharohs24 broke ground on a Mega Complex north of spawn. The complex features a stylish residential building, modern office space, an airport, and of course some hilarious entertainment: pig races!

On Sunday, February 4th at 6PM GMT (2PM EST) players may come and watch or participate in swine powered competition. The track features a large elegant seating area for viewers and a sign in area for competitors. This Race Track is also home to a new innovation in Liberty Minecraft this month. In January PizzaJon introduced a functional turnstyle to Liberty Minecraft. The idea is quite simple: a player pays to enter and a barrier is dropped to allow entry.

NullCase loves the new turnstyle and quickly redesigned it’s redstone. The new design is more efficient in terms of space and resource costs. It is also easier to adapt for new settings and building constraints

This new turnstyle is also very adaptable. Haksndot’s brand new Hall of Maps, a wide reaching portal network will also be using a turnstyle to pay for access. This turnstyle finally provides people with a simple way to charge for services, enabling a more complex service sector to develop!

twyb and pharosh24’s new MegaPlex is a very ambitious project. I believe they are betting on the future. In November Intrepidca discovered a way to create counterfeit protected bonds: a promise to provide services to the barer in the future. This same innovation may be used to create shares for a company. Liberty Minecraft may one day have companies which form and issue shares in this way, and they will certainly want classy office space to attract talent. It is a future that has not yet come, but it is possible. Our growing economy has a demand for new services and there’s no telling how someone will make the next fortune.

Viewers should bring $50 to cover their ticket price. Competitors should bring $100 to enter the race. After purchasing your ticket, quickly pass through the open barrier and find a seat or prepare to race! Bring your own Saddle, Pig, and Carrot Stick or purchase a racing kit for $145 at the track. Audience members may purchase eggs and other definitely-not-projectile! snacks before the show.

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