Free Market Update – Industrial Smelter Opens

The Foundary, 100% owned and maintained by intrepidca had its grand opening last night. The Foundry is an industrial scale smelter and stove, available to all players of Liberty Minecraft.

For a price, one may buy Foundry Tickets which may be spent by anyone to rapidly smelt (or cook) five stacks of items. In one stroke, intrepidca has invented a new form of portable value, a bond: each ticket represents a promise to provide services to a ticket bearer upon delivery of a ticket.

Intrepidca has also addressed the problem of counterfeiting by using our ChestShop system to identify real Foundry Tickets vs. fakes. NullCase (me) attempted (for science!) to counterfeit Foundry Tokens and spend them at The Foundry. The Copied Tickets have a different ID value and copied Foundry Tickets cannot be spent at The Foundry!

To use The Foundry, one places items into an input chest and pays for services using a ticket. Then, The Foundry automatically collects those items from it’s input chest, melts ore and cooks food, and returns the items to output chests.

Intrepidca has also introduced a new innovation which allows players to place and retrieve their Shulker Boxes on land where they do not have build permissions. To achieve this, intrepidca provides container access to a dispenser which automatically deploys a shulkerbox, and then a player may remove the Shulker Box by pressing a button (which players have been granted access to).

Shulker Boxes are portable containers that allow for bulk item transport. A single Shulker Box can hold more than 1,500 items at once. With this new innovation, players will be able to carry and cook large quantities of items, all in one trip!

The Foundry also offers to buy fuel from any player. If ticket creation and management can be outsourced, then The Foundry will be a strong contender for Liberty Minecraft’s Asset Challenge.

Some items are not permitted, but these are listed inside and above the door. Full Terms and Conditions are available on deposit. The Foundry is located on the southern edge of Landing Market.

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