Free Market Update: Gold Prices Collapse!

You may be surprised to learn that Minecraft is not the real world. Among a list of reasons, one might include eating cookies and pie without ever gaining a pound. But, there’s another important difference: gold.

Golden carrots are the best food in the universe. Golden melons are used to brew health potions. Golden Apples may cure villagers who’ve become zombies. Minecraft can be quite a strange place.

Zombie Pigmen (yes, really) appear and live in The Nether. When Zombie Pigmen die they drop gold: gold swords, gold ingots, and gold nuggets. A precious Metal on Earth to be sure, but in Minecraft? There’s more gold than in the dreams of avarice.

Moments ago a factory was completed for the production of gold, xp orbs, and zombie flesh… of course. Following the news that cheap gold would be hitting the market, gold prices fell from $300 per block to $22 per block. Gold nuggets are currently $1 per stack.

Combined with the recent Automatic Carrot Farm, the best food in the world of minecraft is now cheaper than chicken!