Free Market Update: Crop Prices Approach $0

Over the last 72 hours, a new fully automated crop farm for potatoes and carrots has increased supply dramatically. The price of carrots and potatoes has collapsed from $4 per stack (64) to $0.04 per stack. Further declines are anticipated.

Today one diamond, converted into cash can purchase 1.6 million carrots or potatoes. The current rate of production from diamond mining for inexperienced miners is still greater than 10 diamonds per hour. For less than one hour of work, players will never go hungry.

Reduced crop prices have influenced other areas of the economy. Potatoes and carrots have now replaced pumpkins and zombie flesh as the cheapest option for producing Emeralds.

Emerald prices have fallen from $45 (last Free Market Update) to under $20. Consequently, all enchanted books and more than 50 additional items are down by over 50%.

No_You_, a new Liberty Minecraft player responded to say they will use the money saved to buy a plot of land.