Free Market Update: Commercial Production Begins in The Nether

In September, a new Liberty Minecraft player named CBar_ ventured into The Nether searching for a Nether Fortress. Nether Fortresses are difficult places to visit. There are powerful monsters like Wither Skeletons, Blazes, and Magma Cubes. If you happen to anger a Zombie Pigman, you’ll be attacked by a hoard of them whether you like it or not.

These places are not without their rewards. Hidden chests may hold horse armor. Towers may have Blaze Spawners. Even the monsters provide valuable loot. By no means was CBar_ the first to brave a Nether Fortress. However, for CBar_ the task was nowhere near this simple. Not just any fortress would do. His was best if it was surrounded by nothing but an endless lava lake. I won’t venture to ask if he’s gone quite mad.

Shortly after finding a suitable fortress construction began at a fevered pitch. CBar_ was building a Wither Farm. This too is no easy task. Imagine trying to build a factory assembly line in the middle of a zombie invasion. But, CBar_ is one of those seasoned Minecraft pros. A few days later, phase one of construction was complete and production is now underway.

Why go to all this trouble?¬†Withers drop Wither Skulls that can be used to summon The Wither. It’s basically a three headed dragon that will blast anyone in sight by firing explosives at you. If you manage to dispatch The Wither you can recover a Nether Star. These stars are used to create beacons.

Beacons purchased at the start of September may have cost $50,000. And that’s if you could find one. Today one beacon sells for $4,500. Remarkably the price has once again fallen by more than 90%. And further declines are expected.

Through october CBar_ has added several more layers and included a shop in the design. Now, anyone who wishes may use the farm and then buy the loot they have produced from CBar_. This Machine is a true marvel.

Beacon prices have become so cheap that Landing Market now offers free health regeneration, speed defensive and jumping buffs, and haste which makes affected players more efficient when breaking blocks. The demand for potions is already being impacted. This writer expects you won’t be hearing the last of CBar_ and his wild factory inventions.

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