Free Market Architecture: Nullmart

In 2017 Liberty Minecraft’s greatest challenge was (and remains) it’s greatest strength. Free competition for scarce resources is that great challenge. Our players must find peaceful ways to solve difficult problems. That experience is valuable. Answering unanswered questions is the reason Liberty Minecraft was created.

Our world, like the real world, is finite. Including all three of Minecraft’s dimensions, Liberty Minecraft is roughly twelve times the size of Manhattan Island. The End is the largest dimension among them, representing over 80% of all claimable space. Even here competition for space is thriving.

In August that year, The Bazaar was surrounded. The Bazaar is Liberty Minecraft’s original trading platform with player owned and operated shops. The events that month presented a considerable obstacle; The Bazaar could only be expanded at a considerable expense. By November it was clear that the cost would be too high. I decided to begin again.

On November 9th, I left The Bazaar and started construction on a new Land Claim. The Bazaar’s claim is roughly 15,000 blocks. The new claim is 250,000 blocks, a size only recently eclipsed by Hrafnia. The new claim is so large that if one were to surround it any hazards that one might create will be outside of load distance. Nullmart is right in the middle of this Land Claim.

At present, Nullmart offers players the option to buy or sell nearly 300 different items across a wide range of prices. The prices themselves are established by supply and demand. As the bottom (and most expensive chest) fills up, lower priced chests above it display “the new price.” This SuperShop design was invented by Alienslayer8 and remains one of the most incredible innovations in Liberty Minecraft. While it appears quite simple, nowhere else has anyone created this invention. The challenges of our free market meant that Alienslayer8 could make a lot of money by solving this problem. So, he used his brain to create something new and completely changed our world in the process.

Today, SuperShops or inspired concepts are found all over Liberty Minecraft. Nullmart uses 260 SuperShops. All of them are connected by an automatic sorting system. So, I can deposit my own supplies at a single chest. Automatic crop farms have been added as well, and these may end up reducing the prices of food by over 10% – an impressive amount considering that crop prices have already fallen by 95-99% in the last year.

Nullmart has also hosted two in-game events. In December, Nullmart was decorated for a winter snowball fight. At new year’s, a huge fireworks display was created for our players. Development at Nullmart will continue throughout 2018.

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