Free Market Architecture: Landing Market

Created in August 2017 by Alienslayer8, Landing Market is at the frontline of competition and change in Liberty Minecraft. More than half of Liberty’s players have a home at Alien’s Landing. At the center is Landing Market. The Market is also home of the SuperShop, invented and reinvented by Alienslayer8. SuperShops offer market prices, based entirely on supply and demand.

In Liberty Minecraft all goods are discovered or created by the players. Many of them now pass through Landing Market. More than 80 different and high demand items are listed for players to buy or sell. The total capacity is over 1,500,000 with more than 500,000 goods available for sale right now.

The free capacity of nearly 1 million items provides clear market signals to our producers, showing them how much they can stand to make by developing the next innovative idea. Just two months old but already Landing Market clears more than 70% of trades making it a cornerstone of Liberty Minecraft’s Economy.

Landing Market has it’s own bookstore, offers free health regeneration to everyone who stops by, and connects to Spawn, The Bazaar, Roderic’s Horse Stable, Hayeksplosive’s home trading outlet, and The Nether.

You can quickly access Landing Market by entering the portal at /spawn.