Liberty Minecraft in 10 Steps! Your First Day!

Your first day of Liberty Minecraft in 10 Steps!

Your first day in Liberty Minecraft is laid out on this map!
Starting from Spawn, each new area will be marked with a number!
Some useful areas are also displayed!

6 Steps before your First Night in Liberty Minecraft!

First Day Step #1 – Money!

Harvest Nether Wart and Sell it at the Chest Shop nearby. You’ve just earned some cash! There are millions of ways to earn money like this.

At a Chest Shop, Left Click the sign to Sell and Right Click to Buy!

Earn money in three easy steps with Liberty Referrals!

Learn your friends Minecraft username (case sensitive).
Type the command /ref invite <username>.
Tell your friend to join! When your friend has played two hours you get paid!

Liberty Referrals Guide

First Day Step #2 – Food! Here’s some of the best options for your first day!

Buy Chicken at The Farm! Just 1 Diamond buys +50 stacks of chicken in Liberty Minecraft.

More cheap food available at Sparky’s Bakery.

First Day Step #3 – Tools!

Make sticks or Buy them at Nullmart.

Buy Coal or Collect some to Make Torches!

You can Collect Cobblestone or Buy it.

With Cobblestone and Sticks you may make basic tools.

For $200 (or less) you may purchase a Diamond Pickaxe at Nullmart! Enter the portal at #3. Find the Efficiency III, Unbreaking III Diamond Pickaxe! Every shop is player run with player produced items!

First Day Step #4 Set a Home!

Now it’s time to venture off and find an area of your own! You may set a home in any unclaimed area.

Once you’ve found a location, the command /sethome <name> allows you to return there later. By typing /home you will teleport to that location.

You may always return to Spawn by using the command /spawn.

First Day Step #5 Claim Land!

Unclaimed land is not protected from mobs or other players.

Once you have money you may buy claimblocks by typing /buyclaim <number>. Claim blocks cost $20 each.

Land becomes your property when you claim it. You may also type /claim to quickly claim land. Here’s your Basic Guide to Land Claims.

First Day Step #6 Build a Shelter!

Anyone can build on unclaimed land. Anyone may claim unclaimed land. Claim owners decide who may build on their land claims. The Land Claim guide provides information on this topic.

Building a shelter can save you from the mobs that will spawn at night.

4 Steps to Thrive! Your first Night in Liberty Minecraft:

First Night Step #1 – Mine Resources!

Night lasts about 8 minutes in Minecraft. While the monsters are roaming the surface, you might avoid them by mining underground!

First Night Step #2 – Craft Some Products!

If you haven’t made these already, here’s a short list of items you may wish to craft:

Crafting Table. Furnace. Chest. Sticks.
Torches. Pickaxe.
Axe. Shovel. Sword.

First Night Step #3 – Check out the World Map!

First Night Step #4 – Check out your Rank Unlocks!

And that’s Liberty Minecraft in 10 steps!

For more details, here’s our list of guides!