Does private property matter?

In order for a problem to exist, there must be a difference between the current state and the goal state. On this basis, one can propose what I call a practical indifference test: if the difference between two states makes no practical difference, then it is of no practical importance. This test can be applied to all areas of Epistemology and Metaphysics, and calls into question the practical importance of arguments regarding external world scepticism, free will, and (among others) panpsychism. I may find an opportunity to expand on these assertions.

Wherever possible, test.

On Liberty Minecraft players are free to compete, innovate, trade. Players can set and pursue goals through hard work, and by trial and error. Players can also claim private property.

What happens if we remove one of these?

Starting today players can quickly access a new area of the map. It’s the most beautiful place I was able to find, as is so often the case with nature preserves and public parks. After many days of work, I have claimed the entire area, and have granted everyone ownership of it.

Ownership may exist in the absence of an obstacle to one’s use, and this is in keeping with our rule: resolve non-violent disputes with non-violence. This is a test to see what happens without private property.

Socialism is a theory which proposes that the means of production, distribution, and trade can and ought to be owned collectively. I propose to answer the following questions:

  • When everyone has ownership of the land and its goods, what will that area come to produce?
  • What infrastructure will be created there to distribute its products?
  • How will one engage in trade for that which everyone owns?

Some people believe that Socialism is the way to a better world. I believe they are wrong, but I also believe in testing my ideas. I propose here a moral, logical, and emperical test of that hypothesis to examine how such a belief system stacks up against Capitalism.

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