CreativeGates: Player Owned Portals

Create and manage your own
Portal Network in Liberty Minecraft!

Guide Materials

  • 4 Diamond blocks
  • 2 clocks (more recommended)
  • 1 anvil
  • 1 magma cream
  • 1 blaze rod
  • 1 blaze powder (also)
  • Any block type (for a frame)

Creating a Player Portal

Step #1 Name your clocks in an anvil. This name will connect portals.

Step #2 Create a frame. At a portal destination, create a frame which includes two diamond blocks.

Step #3 Stand where you want to appear near the destination portal. Then, right click with your named clock on the inside of your portal frame. The clock will be consumed, your arrival point will be set, and your portal will be created.

Step #4 Repeat step 2-3 in a second location. Portals connect when clocks with the same name are used to create them.

Designing a frame

Design in a variety of sizes using any blocks. A valid frame must have two diamond blocks.

Managing Your Portal Network

Removing a Portal – break the frame. The portal will be removed.

Magma cream – use on portal to hide the portal name. This can prevent others from connecting to your network.

Blaze Rod – use on portal to turn on/off the exit/enter functions of the portal.

Blaze Powder – use on a portal to see the portals name and network information.

Tested it all out? Great job. Enjoy your new portals!