Costa Vista, A Seaside Village Restoration Project

In the Summer of 2017 before August a beautiful seaside Village went from looking like this:

To this.

A griefer found the unowned Village and decided to destroy it completely. Villages such as this are rare indeed. There are just maybe thirty naturally generated Villages in all of Liberty Minecraft. And seaside Villages? There are less than five worldwide.

In September, Haksndot discovered the ruins and decided to do something about it. First he privately acquired the land. Then he found a talented builder! Japanimator got creative and put herself to work!

Today, the port village, now known as Costa Vista has a General Store, a Guard House, a Blacksmith, an Inn and Tavern, and construction is ongoing. What an improvement!

TARP is a collaborative project between Japanimator (grass roots self-starter and our server’s biggest green thumb) and Haksndot, (financier and Real Estate investor). Their goal is to make our world beautiful, starting with the worst places in Liberty Minecraft.

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