Claim Sorting for GriefPrevention

This week I worked with RoboMWM, the lead developer of GriefPrevention. You may remember him from last month when we worked together to solve a ClaimBlock duplication glitch, an exploit which had the potential to ruin the integrity of our money, but ended up putting our Real Estate market on hold for three weeks.

Today I’m introducing a simple new update, created at our request, and designed to make life in Liberty Minecraft a bit easier to manage. Land owners have always struggled to read their /claimlist. From now on when you use the command /claimlist, your land claims will be sorted. They will sort by world and by coordinates. Claims are arranged just like reading, starting with the North/West corner.

This update was funded with your donations at a cash cost of $10. You may review the invoice here. I look forward to working with RoboMWM in the future.

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