Boost Performance in Vanilla Minecraft Right Now!

Boost Minecraft Performance Right Now.

Performance Boost #1 Optifine

If you only play Vanilla Minecraft, check this out! Optifine boosts performance while staying true to Vanilla Minecraft.

Optifine doubles framerates and smooths gameplay. Optifine boosts performance while using less resources. You’ll wonder why things were ever different.

Optifine BOOST #1 Get Optifine!
  • Visit
  • DO NOT CLICK ON “Download.” You’ll get malware and shady advertisements.
  • Be a pro! Click (mirror) instead! For at least the last year, mirror links have provided a direct download with NO HASSLE!

Humble suggestion: Scan for viruses.

Optifine BOOST #2 Install Optifine
Note #1: You must have Java SE installed to install a .jar file. Visit here to download. Here is a step by step.

To install Optifine: Close minecraft. Double click Optifine_1.12_HD.jar (Your file will be named similar to this).

Optifine must be installed where you have minecraft installed. Check that the folder is correct, then Click Install.

Note #2: If double clicking opens the file in winzip, try right click. “Open with…” and select Java(TM) Platform SE Binary.
Note #3: For a third option, try Jar_Runner. This will run your .jar file using Java.
Optifine BOOST #3 Run Optifine

Open Minecraft. Click the ^ button next to “Play.” Select Optifine. Click Play

Performance Boost #2 MORE RAM!

Minecraft is a RAM heavy game, but default settings only allocate 1G (gigabyte). Many of the wrenching lag spikes that stutter your screen happen because Minecraft has run out of RAM. Your solution is simple, but each step is important!

RAM BOOST #1 Determine how much RAM your computer has!
  • Mac Users:
  • PC Users:
  • Linux Users: HAH! are you kidding me? You know the answer

If you have more than 3G of unused RAM available while Minecraft is running, you’re in great shape! Vanilla  Minecraft rarely uses more than 2G.

RAM BOOST #2 New Launch Configuration!
  • Reopen Minecraft to access the Minecraft Launcher.
  • Click Launch Options on the right side of your menu bar.
  • Click “Advanced Settings” and then click OK.
  • Click (+) Add New
  •  After choosing a name, select your version of Minecraft from the drop down menu.
    • If you’ve done Boost #1 then GREAT! Pick Optifine from the list.
    • Otherwise, the “Latest release” is currently 1.12.
  • Click JVM Arugments in the configuration settings window.
  • Increase your RAM from 1G to 2G or 3G, by replacing “-XmX1G” with a 2 or 3. For 2 gigabytes it will read “-XmX2G” followed by the same information as before.
  • Save your new launch configuration!
RAM BOOST #3 Launch your New Configuration!
  • Select your new Minecraft Profile.
    • Click on News in the Menu Bar.
    • Click the ^ button next to “Play”
    • Select your Launch Configuration.
  • Click Play

All done! You can check your memory in game by pressing F3. For instance, if you set Minecraft to use 2G, you’ll see Mem: XX% XXX/2024 MB. This will be located just below your Java version in the top right corner.

Performance Boost #3 Minecraft Video Settings!

Video BOOST #1-6
  • Render Distance – If your computer really struggles to run Minecraft, lowering Render Distance has a huge impact. This setting will even push the limits of high end computers.
  • Max Framerate – Be a pro! Know your hardware!
    • Most LCD Monitors only display 60FPS. Pushing 200 frames on a monitor which only refreshes 60x per second makes no sense.
    • An MIT research publication in the journal Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics demonstrates that the human eye can detect full images at a rate of approximately 76 true frames per second.
    • Sending slightly more frames per second compensates for the mismatch between your monitor and your graphics card. On my 60 FPS LCD, i run 90 FP.
  • GraphicsFast uses fewer resources and most of the time you can’t tell the difference.

  • Smooth Lighting – Turning this off uses fewer resources. The difference is noticeable.
  • VBOS – ON provides a ~10% performance boost. Simply put, you won’t load what you can’t see.
  • Particles – Reducing particles will improve framerates. With optifine, turning off the rain can improve framerates.

And that’s it! Vanilla Minecraft’s never been so sweet.