Advanced Land Claims

To get started and claim property in Liberty Minecraft
Check out our Basic Land Claim Guide!

Hi! Welcome to the Advanced Claim Guide. Testing these ideas in game may help!

In this post you will learn to use the following features:

  • Land Claim Vulnerabilities – Subject to change with updates.
  • Subdivide Claims – Create an area within an existing claim, usually to add special permissions.
  • Using Sub Claims – Examples of permissions that may be useful on subclaims.
  • Real Estate – Buying and selling existing land claims.

Land Claim Vulnerabilities:

  • Water will flow across subclaims and does currently affect and change concrete powder into concrete.
  • Blocks can be powered across claim boundaries. So if you have a piston at the edge of your claim, it can be powered from the block outside of it.

Note: This list is not guaranteed to be a complete list of vulnerabilities.

Subdividing Land Claims:

  1. Create a land claim or go to an existing land claim.
  2. Select your claim tool (gold axe).
  3. Type /sc to put your claim tool into “subdivide claims” mode.*
  4. Right Click opposite corners inside the existing claim with your Gold Axe.

*deselecting your claim tool or typing /bc will put your claim tool into “basic claims” mode.

Using Subdivided Claims:

While standing inside your new subclaim, you can use commands to grant privileges and set exceptions. Here are two examples:

/claimexplosions – Enabling explosions on a subclaim does not effect other areas.

The command /trustlist will display permissions granted for the claim or subclaim in which you are standing.

Commands for Managing Permissions:

  • /trustlist – for the claim in which you are standing, view the list of trusted permissions granted in each category.
  • /containertrust all* – Give everyone access to a chest or other container (ie. hoppers).
  • /accesstrust all* – Make all buttons and levers accessible to all in that subclaim only.
  • /trust all* – Give everyone the freedom to build inside that subclaim.

*Note: replace “all” with an individual player name to grant that player the same privileges. For example: /accesstrust NullCase would grant me access to use buttons and levers.

Commands for Removing Claims and Subclaims:

  • /abandontoplevel – This command will abandon a land claim with all of it’s subclaims, including subclaims managed by other players.
  • /abandonclaim – When standing inside a subclaim, this command will abandon the subclaim.

Real Estate:

To buy a Land Claim OR Subclaim (pictured), Right Click the sign.

Sell a Land Claim or Subclaim:
  1. Type [re] in the top line
  2. Type your price in dollars on the second line.
  3. Click Done

  • Right Clicking a sign will purchase the land. Subclaims on the land are carried over with the purchase.
  • Shift+Right Click a sign to display information.

Note: If you purchase a Subclaim (rather than the top level claim) that Subclaim is yours to access and manage. The claim is still the property of the top level claim owner and they can build or destroy blocks within it. If the claim owner uses /abandontoplevel the subclaim you manage will be gone, and the protections on it will be removed. A landlord cannot open your chestshops but they can break the sign and then open it. Make sure you can trust your landlord!

Test everything out? You just learned a lot! Great job!