A good thing happened today.

In november 2015, outraged by censorship on Reddit I found another news aggregator called Voat. I wasn’t alone. So many arrived the site struggled to cope. During those first weeks a minecraft server was promoted on the front page; VoatCraft.

It was busy. I found myself designing contraptions for players. Wonderful people contributed and donated funds. I spoke out – asked to see evidence that donations were used for server expenses. None came.

Instead, at two months the server was hacked. Thousands of hours quickly vanished. The operators informed us no backup had been performed. People voiced their dismay and confusion on voat:

I think we’re all feeling some serious grief at this point. No matter if you were new to the server or if you’ve been here a month now you’ve probably put some work into the server. Be it a dirt hut and a bed, or massive underwater domes, huge auto-melon farms, cities, havens. Every single minute of effort put into this server has been incredible and I am seriously in awe seeing the dedication of some of the users to such a new server.

My initial reaction upon returning home from work was shock. I honestly had to sit down for a minute and just breathe.

And then I was disgusted. How could this happen? How could all of our work just be gone like this? I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Then I was disheartened. I was ready to leave. “Maybe it’s just time for a break from minecraft”

But then I remembered. Talking to Null and Zara at 4am, staying up late chatting and showing people around Movinus. Wandering around /warp MiningGuild in awe of a city that popped up overnight. Checking out Oceanside and seeing a genuine community flourish.

How could I leave any of that behind?

So I would like to challenge everyone here: let this make us stronger. Let’s do better, build better, work together better than we ever have before. We had roughly a month invested in this. In 6 months I want to see us looking back, remembering, telling all the newcomers about the Old Map. The elite crew of builders who created an entire world of excitement in under a month.

Let’s get crafting. – BonsaiLeaf

The “massive underwater dome” which BonsaiLeaf was so impressed by? It was RadioactiveLee’s. He and his wife, Cassieniccole played VoatCraft together. I always thought it was sweet and wonderful. They built a place for themselves. After weeks, Lee was nearly finished the new ocean dome. I got to see it. The next day it was simply gone. I remember. He was crushed.

Over the next month a new server was razed and went offline without notice. Players once beaten perhaps now felt like fools. This time the operator vanished. I estimate between 1000 and 3000 dollars had been donated across all players. For comparison, this lower estimate would provide sufficient funding for a minecraft server double our size to exist for 5 years.

The experience stuck with me. I didn’t always get along with everyone on the server – in some cases it was anything but. Still, I cared about what happened. I know this because month after month I was learning to provide a better option. I know this because it’s easy to remember the people who were taken for the proverbial ride.

Today, one of those people joined Liberty Minecraft. It’s RadioactiveLee. I was thrilled and surprised, and really happy to see him. When something bad happens, I can’t change it… but it creates an opportunity to respond and make something good. Then it’s not just something that happened. It becomes something which I changed for the better. It becomes a success story. That’s what I think this is.

A good thing happened today.

“Success is the opportunity to compete in the next round.”
Howard Guile, Profiting From Innovation



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  1. Voat was my favorite server and I was glad to be apart of it, I remember my entire goal after the reset was to finally topple New_Town for the #1 Balance, I spent countless hours talking with Zara, Panda, Edzo, Girl, and New_Town herself who helped me reach my goal of my 1.7million dollar balance, helping me with building houses, farms, and mining 200×200 squares out to get all of my diamonds, I love how NullCase has made a way for all of the Voat craft players to finally reunite and it makes me feel just as I did 2 years ago.

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